Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is the latest addition to the list of miracle weight loss aids and is gaining immense popularity. What is the specialty, or unique feature of green coffee bean extract with reference to weight loss? How effective is green coffee bean extract for weight loss? Are there any known side-effects of using green coffee bean extract? What’s all the hype about pure green coffee bean extract? These are the most common questions likely to arise when coming across an ad online. If you are looking for bulk buys you can contact us.

Coffee that we normally buy is roasted and ground, or roasted, ground and then brewed, depending on if or not you choose espresso variants, or instant coffee. Either way, it’s roasted! On the other hand, green coffee bean extract as the name implies, is the extract of unroasted coffee seeds. If you ask – “How can such a simple change, make a huge impact?” you aren’t alone! When coffee seeds are roasted, they lose most of the chlorogenic acid content in them. As for pure green coffee bean extract, it retains chlorogenic acid intact, since the coffee seeds aren’t roasted. So, that’s the best and unique feature that makes green coffee bean extract different.